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Magnet Fishing, Metal Detecting and Recovery

Updated: May 27

What could be more fun than treasure hunting in your spare time, besides maybe a good game of Fortnite! To be a successful treasure hunter you will need the right tools. That is where we come in. Today we are writing to assist you in finding the tools you need to find and recover some loot!

First let's check out some metal detectors. Our favorite manufacturer of supreme treasure hunting tools is none other than JW Fishers, and we don't even have an affiliate link for them. They really are just our number 1 preference. Not to mention the preference of many specialized law enforcement dive and recovery teams. The Pulse 8X comes in at the top of the list. It also comes with a hefty price tag, but you get what you pay for.

Check out their YT video on the Pulse 8x:

Coming in at a price point that is more affordable is the SAR-1 Detector and it is still packed full of desirable features. Check out the SAR-1.

For some surprise grabs, or snagging something under the water without diving you have the option of magnet fishing! Who wouldn't be overjoyed at tossing a magnet into the water and hauling up something spectacular stuck fast to their magnet? For this activity we recommend Brute Magnetics, and yes - we do have an affiliate partnership with them because we have to pay the bills too! Brute makes different styles of the highest quality magnets capable of picking up large heavy objects from under the water or even stuck in the silt. They come packaged in a utilitarian heavy duty plastic case complete with accessories if your purchase a kit or bundle! I have personally owned and used the double sided 2,600 lb magnet for the last three years and pulled up everything from wrenches, rail road ties, car mufflers, street signs, scooters, bikes and more. It is still going strong and I absolutely can't wait to see what I recover with it next.

Our next recommendation for your treasure hunting and recovery needs are sifting devices from CKG Scoop. Yes, they are an affiliate, thank you baby Jesus! Please click the link because this website is EXPENSIVE!!!

This is a tool I wish I had on several different occasions. It is not uncommon for people to lose jewelry under the water. Often times this can be heart breaking especially if it is a wedding ring or family heirloom. Let's face it, it is so easy to drop something unintentionally into the water and when you do recovering it can be a difficult task, especially if the visibility is poor. We suspect a CKG Scoop will be the tool that saves the day for you in these situations!

Happy hunting y'all!!

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