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Waterproof Radio

Updated: May 30, 2021

We've all been there, we need to talk to our paddle buddy or rescue teammate but we can't. You're out of shouting distance, the roaring sound of the water is too loud, your buddy went to scout ahead, or breaking out a cell phone is only going to lead to tragedy for your very expensive smart phone. The reasons we might need to communicate are endless. Maybe you just paused to get a closer look at something and you want your partner to make their way back over to you. Whatever the case might be, I have the radio that you need while you are out on the water.

Motorola T605 H20 Talkabout, 2 pack bundle is the answer to all of your above problems.

It's waterproof, high viz, it floats face up, it strobes if you fall into the water, it can be a flashlight (red and white LED, red preserves night vision), it can give you NOAA weather reports or weather reports from up to 11 other channels, it ranges up to 6 miles on open water, it has 22 channels and over 100 privacy codes per channel. This radio can communicate with other FRS and GMRS radio. The radio is rechargeable and also takes alkaline batteries for a backup power source. The bundle package comes with a mini USB charger and car charger.

From personal experience I can tell you that it does everything it says it can do. Recently I rescued one of these radios after it floated about 100 yards down river. I had no idea my teammate had even lost his radio, but thanks to the bright high viz color of this radio I was able to see floating down the river in time to position myself to snag it and prevent it from being lost. After the radio's little trip down river it still worked beautifully.

This radio can easily clip onto your PFD or board shorts. The engineer of this radio even had the forethought to make the radio's clip useful. The clip has a dual function as a whistle. The fact that this radio was built with that much ingenuity sold me on it even more.

After I learned about this very versatile and potentially life saving device I couldn't believe that I hadn't had this in my arsenal of gear. Since learning about this radio and purchasing one I don't go on the water without it. If the sky starts looking stormy I have instant access to weather reports, or in a rescue scenario with flash flooding, high winds, etc. I am constantly able to stay updated on the weather and communicate with my team. The ability to communicate and be aware of the weather while on the water is truly invaluable.

MOTOROLA T605 H20 Talkabout

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