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From recreation to rescue, no matter how you like to spend your time on the water, you are in the right place!

In need of gear? Check out our blog, we have some high quality recommendations for you. Looking for water rescue and dive teams in Pennsylvania? We have a comprehensive list. Like discussing recreational activities like boating, SCUBA, SUP, Kayaking and more? You can do it here in our discussion forum. Are you a first responder, PSD or member of a swift water rescue team? Please join our community and share your insights and experiences in our discussion forum. Welcome to our community.

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Photo at Lake Nockamixon, 2019

Photo on Schuylkill River, near Valley Forge, 2019

Lake Nockamixon
Schuylkill River
Blue Marsh Lake

Halloween Paddle, 2019

How to SUP

How to hold your paddle!!

Bucks County Boating Permit

Did you know some County Parks will require a separate permit?

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